Each one of us has his own power and together we form an entity

Like yourself, we set out on the journey with an ambitious dream of a persevering young man. We did not know exactly how things will go, nor the reaction that the market would have. However, we knew that we liked to tell the story of a brand and we had a different view of how this story should be told. Pion Media opened its doors with the certainty that it could help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. Now, we want to change the way marketing is perceived in the local business sector and in order to achieve this, our team designs and implements marketing and communication strategies that are on par with international trends. Together with the web development and design departments, we establish a clear direction and advantageous objectives for our client, and after that, we work with passion to reach them.

We involve the company in the creative process whenever it is possible. No matter how much specific or general experience we might have, no matter how many analysis and market studies we would make, no matter how many questions we would ask, we will never be able to be on the wavelength with the entrepreneur who created the company and took it to a certain point. But we can get closer to understanding his vision on which we can then build a beautiful story that we can pass on to the targeted audience in various forms, materials and emotions.

Whether we are talking about a logo or a rebranding campaign, a simple presentation website or a complex platform, working with a single promotion channel or creating a full marketing campaign, we put our heart and soul in all the things that we do. Each project is a source of inspiration, the ideal opportunity to go beyond our own limits and develop strategies that help us reach our goal: the evolution of our client's business.

Brands that trust us

Maya Fashion
Hotel LaRocca
Curacao Rental Homes
Evenimente Curtea Regala
Hotel Helin
Drogheria Izvorul Tamaduirii
Multi Mobila
Centrul Medical Tolea
Restaurant Prestige

Hello dear collaborators, partners and friends!

Through hard work, courage and dedication, we have earned the trust of our local, national and international customers. The respect for the customers, partners and last but not least, employees, the desire to do quality work and our passionate engagement – these are the values in which we trust and after which we guide our business. We are truly satisfied when we support our customers to take their dream forward. And they know they can rely on us!

I am proud of what we have achieved so far and I am certain that we have much more to learn and do in the coming years!

With consideration,
Your creator of dreams,
Razvan Jianu

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